Scary Ghost Call Prank Game
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Scary Ghost Call Prank Game
Scary Ghost Call Prank Game

Scary Ghost Call Prank Game

Scary ghost call prank game will really scare you when you talk to horror ghost.

Developer: Appex Fun Apps
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Oct 19, 2023
Price: Free
6 Ratings
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Scary ghost horror fake call is a very exciting and terrifying mobile game that takes the idea of pranks to a new level of horror. This fake ghost call game is specially made to give an unmatched and spine-tingling experience to those who dare to explore the paranormal world. Ghost call game video call is a fun and spooky game that lets you prank your friends and family with realistic audio calls, video calls, and messages from scary ghosts. Ghost call prank with sound game is easy to use and has a simple interface. You just need to set the timer for the call, and wait for the phone to ring, your phone will call you with ghost's scary voice on the line. Users can easily answer the video call or message with the ghost as if it was real. Fake call scary ghost video: ghost pranks game is a fun and exciting prank call game for everyone with a spooky ghost theme. Scary prank: fake ghost call game will display the ghost caller ID, and you can play spooky ghost sounds to make people believe you're talking to a horrifying specter. Ghost call prank with sound game is a great way to have some fun and laughter on Halloween or any other occasion. You can surprise your friends and family with unexpected calls from creepy and hilarious ghosts. ?? Are you looking for some fun by playing a horror prank on your friends? Have fun with the horror prank call experience with the Scary Ghost Call Prank Game . This ghost prank call game lets you hear different scary ghost sounds.
Imagine how you would feel, when scary ghost is calling you. Fake ghost face call game allows you to prank your friends with a fake video call from the creepy ghost, scary ghost fake video call. ☠

The horror-themed game, "Scary Call Prank," offers a chilling experience with its scary ghost video calls. In this eerie and humorous ghost survival game, the victim isn't immediately consumed by the frightening ghost; instead, their fear is extracted through the Ghost Calling Prank: Call ghost simulator. Prepare for a night of fright as the real scary ghost reaches out to call and scare you. Packed with various features, this horror and terrifyingly realistic scary ghost video call simulator game is designed to fill your free time.

?: Ghost pranks - scary ghost horror fake call:
Ghost call prank with sound game allows you to simulate a fake video call from a scary ghost. scary prank - fake ghost call game will show a realistic video & audio of the ghost talking to you, along with scary sound effects and vibrations. You can use these features to prank your friends or family by making them think that a real ghost is calling you.

?: Ghost fake call and chat with scary ghost:
Don’t want to receive a call from ghost? Now by using ghost call game video call send and receive spooky messages to scare your friends. Chat with ghost and enjoy the scary moment It's a fun way to prank and spook your friends through the fake call scary ghost game. ??

☠If you want to have some horror fun with your friends or family, Scary Ghost Call Prank Game is perfect for you. You can download ghost call prank game: scary prank and talk to the creepiest ghost with ease. It's a great game for Halloween or any other occasion whenever you want to prank. ?

: Disclaimer:

Scary Ghost Call Prank Game is made for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to hurt or scare anyone. It's all about the spirit of fun and mischief that Scary Ghost represents. Have fun responsibly. Every video and audio within this Scary Ghost are captured and stored.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Oct 19, 2023
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: Appex Fun Apps
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